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Industrial Manipulators
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battery Operated Reel Lifters, Drum Lifters, Crate Lifter etc.
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Industrial Manipulators & Load Handling Solutions

Industrial Manipulators & Load Handling Solutions

The most complete range of industrial manipulators now a days on the market.Intelligent and collaborative systems: electronically controlled industrial manipulators and automatically guided vehicles.

Electric Power Pusher & Trolleys

Thanks to decades of experience in the design and manufacture of professional electric vehicles, Zallys has always been a reference company in its field, offering logistics solutions for any requirement related to the handling of wheeled loads.

Mobile Lifters, Drum Lifter, reel Lifters etc.

Hovmand is a world-leading manufacturer of lifters and lifting tools. Hovmand has globally been supplying lifters to a wide range of companies and industries and for a variety of purposes for many years.

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