Drum Lifter

Grab, Lift and Rotate Drums

Drums come in a variety of heights, diameters and weights, but with the common denominator that they all need to be moved and emptied. Some drums have handles, but the vast majority are very challenging if not impossible to grab, lift and pour. To make matters worse, drums are made of various materials, including metal, plastic, cardboard and fiber, which further complicates the handling process. Overall, this sets high requirements for the equipment needed to handle drums.

To assist in the moving of drums, Hovmand has created a number of solutions that easily grab, lift and rotate drums. Our electric drum lifters safely pick up drums and precisely tilt them at varying speeds depending on your need. To ensure a firm grip of the drum no matter the weight, material or diameter, we have developed a wide selection of grippers, lifting column loads and chassis. In other words, we can design the perfect drum lifter to best suit your needs.


How to Empty a Plastic Bucket

In production and logistics, a lot of materials are delivered in plastic buckets. In some instances, the contents of the buckets need to be emptied into a tub or poured into a pot or a funnel. Sometimes the funnel in question may be situated unusually high or the buckets may contain harmful materials, making it important to handle the buckets with the utmost care.

When handling plastic buckets, we have a variety of solutions that can be suited to all types of buckets regardless of their size, design or weight. For smaller buckets, we recommend using a lifter with an attached platform, while buckets with handles are easily moved using a crane arm, which can be equipped with different slings, ropes or straps. Watch the middle video above to see our different solutions for grabbing, turning and emptying buckets.