Safely Decant Jerrycansr

Grab, Lift and Rotate

Chemicals, soap, beverages and much more are delivered in small and large jerrycans. The smaller jerrycans, weighing under 10 kg (~22 lb.), are usually manageable but as soon as the jerrycans get heavier, carrying, transporting and emptying them becomes a challenge. Not only does the weight put a strain on the body, but tilting and decanting jerrycans at different heights puts employees in unhealthy positions that call for the use of specialised tools.

With the right manual lifting equipment, a single employee can decant jerrycans safely and efficiently without endangering their health. At Hovmand, we have developed the mobile jerrycan refilling aid, which is a three-in-one solution for carrying, transporting and precisely refilling canisters into other containers. The jerrycan refilling aid is available in two versions: the cost-effective GO Jerrycan version with a volume of 15-25 litres as well as the canister refilling aid based on our Impact series.