Jib cranes

Lifts All´s jib cranes are made out of aluminum, making them lightweight yet sturdy. The jib cranes are available as column mounted or floor mounted. They lift materials in semi circles (180 degrees rotation) around their pillar or support, which maximizes the workflow and the space utilization. If you need to lift in full circles, we recommend our articulated jib cranes.

Jib cranes with lifting tools for streamlined workflow

Lifts All has a long history in designing and customizing lifting solutions for warehouses and industries. Lifting tools, telphers or even a simple hook or hoist can easily be installed onto the jib crane. A crane and a lifting tool in combination with our compressed air cylinder Bal-Trol constitute a complete lifting system. The lifting system can be utilized for lifting materials to adjacent workstations, handing products from cart to pallet or trolley, or otherwise help in streamlining the workflow.

Jib cranes increases efficiency

Many industries that work in material handling struggle with operators that strain their backs while reaching, bending and lifting. These motions lead to fatigue, slower operation and may even result in wear-and-tear injuries in the long run. Jib cranes together with a customized lifting tool provide operators with high-speed and easy operation while relieving them from burden. Thanks to its low friction maneuverability and rotation, the crane has a large operating range where the operators can do the job quickly and effortlessly. The ergonomic equipment allows the positioning speed to remain equal throughout the day and can even be increased as the load is lifted from the operator´s body.

No more complicated or awkward tools that collect dust and take up space in the workplace. Understanding how the jib cranes work is easy, often times it is even intuitive. If you choose to equip the crane with a lifting tool, Lifts All´s trained staff will provide training as well as detailed user instructions.

Crane mountings

Choose between jib cranes that are mounted onto columns or walls. Our experienced service technicians will install the jib crane systems so that they are perfectly adjusted to your workplace.

- Column mounted jib crane

A column- or pillar mounted jib crane can be installed onto a fixed or freestanding pillar on the workplace floor. The pillars are available in different lengths, depending on how high you need to lift. A column mounted jib crane provides a large operating range and optimal reach as it is not hindered by walls. Freestanding jib cranes do not require load-bearing walls and can therefore be placed freely depending on where they are needed the most.

- Wall mounted jib crane

A wall mounted jib crane work in semi-circles. It is great for facilities such as factories and warehouses with obstructions. The crane requires no floor space or foundation and can easily be folded and stored out of the way from larger cranes or traverse systems. It can just as easily be folded out again when it is needed for different types of material handling.

Different capacity jib cranes

Our slewing jib cranes have different capacities. Read more about them here.

Jib crane XS in aluminum 100 kg

Jib crane XS is our most petite jib crane, yet I can handle loads up to 100 kg. The lightweight crane is easy for anyone to maneuver and instantly becomes an integral part of the workplace equipment.

Jib crane in aluminum 125 kg

Jib crane in aluminum 125 kg manages loads up to 125 kilograms, which makes it suitable for material handling in most industries and warehouses.

Jib crane in aluminum 250 kg

Jib crane in aluminum 250 kg is one of our most powerful jib cranes. The capacity of lifting a quarter of a ton effortlessly makes it a reliable tool that can manage most heavy loads in the workplace.