Complete lifting systems for your workplace


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- Maximum capacity: 600 kg

- Lifting height: 1,5-8 m

An ergonomic lifting system from Lifts All consists of an overhead rail system or crane, the pneumatic hoist Bal-Trol, and a lifting tool (a gripper, as we call it). Such systems guarantee safe, ergonomic and energy-efficient material handling. Most warehouses and factories benefit from using a lifting system. Installing a gripper in a production process, on an assembly line or at work-points where repetitive lifting movements occur, can make a huge difference. Because the loads feel weightless, heavy lifting work becomes easy. The operators’ body posture and movements become normalized. Traditional working rolls that required physical strength can now be carried out by anyone. Thus, contributing to having a healthier staff and less sick-leave absentees.

We tailor make our lifting systems to our customer’s specific needs and their working spaces. With the help of a complete lifting system, workers are able to lift sacks, boxes, barrels, rolls and much more, efficiently and ergonomically.