Manual pallet truck, Panther

Optimum working conditions for the user

Our manual pallet truck is robust and very easy to handle.

The special-designed wheels ensure minimum starting power and correct handling of even very heavy pallets - both when pulling and pushing the truck.

The elegant design with rounded corners reduces risk of damaging surroundings, pallets and valuable items. In addition, the users safety and ergonomic working conditions is at focus, fx. with ergonomic handles that ensures a relaxed hold.

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Manual pallet truck, Panther Silent

Silent movement - also for outdoor transportation!

Due to the specially designed wheels, you can move heavy pallets effortless with our Panther Silent pallet truck. Indoor and outdoor. Nothing sticks to or blocks the wheels - not metallic chips, small stones or snow! In addition, the special wheels ensure noise-free transportation - you can simply move around in silent.

The wheels are gentle to the fine floor and flag stone layer, which is often used in customer areas. Panther Silent is therefore saving maintenance costs due to wear and damage to flooring, such as flagstones. Panther Silent is a very environmentally friendly pallet truck with a long operating life!

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Manual customised Panther pallet truck

This is the pallet truck customised to your requirements:

-Fork lengths from 600 mm to 2400 mm; Fork spans from 350 mm to 1100 mm

The design prevents industrial injuries and strain on the user - focus is put on safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. The ergonomically correct shape of the handle ensures a relaxed hold for the user.

We ensure high quality through an extended test programme and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.

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Weighing scale pallet truck, WSP 2200

Time-savings with weighing scale pallet truck

The weighing scale pallet truck, WSP 2200, can transport and weigh goods in the same work process. No need for spending time for extra transport and loading! With the very high accuracy, it is perfectly suited for weighing goods in storage areas, for inspection of incoming goods and goods to be shipped etc.

The weighing system has four strong weighing cells, and a solid and very well protected display. The display has logic and simple settings, and is very user-friendly! It is centrally located, and reading can be done quickly and simply.

The construction of the pallet truck is strong and solid. It is very easy to operate and maintain.

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