Liftronic® Easy

Liftronic® EASY belongs to the INDEVA® intelligent industrial manipulators Liftronic® Series;

Designed for simple applications and non-complex and rapid work cycles. Only standard gripping tools are applicable underneath the force sensing handle. A quick coupling device allows for quick and easy replacement of gripping tools to suit different load types.

Different models are available for capacities up to 320 kg and for applications on different supports: “Column mounted with jointed arm”, “Over head-mounted with jointed arm” or “Jib-mounted with arm”, “Linear Version”, “Liftruck mounted”, “Overhead rail/bridge crane mounted”

Liftronic® EASY offers all the advantages of an INDEVA® at a price slightly higher than a hoist. Compared to a hoist or to a pneumatic manipulator Liftronic® Easy allows for quicker load handling movements, more precise load placing, auto-weight sense and auto-balancing feature, greater user-friendliness with consequent increase of the overall productivity as well as of ergonomics for the operators and safety for delicate loads.

The lifter can be used across all types of industries and situations where you need to lift and move something on a platform – the opportunities are, therefore, almost endless

It is the state of the art lift assist device that complies with all the most recent and strictest directives and guidelines on Ergonomics and Safety in the workplace

User-friendly and Intelligent

It is simple to install and maintain. You can handle heavy loads intuitively at the speed you wish or need, very fast or very slow, and can place a load in a restricted area precisely easily and fast.

Industry 4.0

It can be interconnected and it is suitable for industry 4.0.

Suitable for Food Industry

It can be zinc plated or stainless steel finished to suit Food Industry requirements.

Float Mode

After gripping the part you can either move it by lightly touching the sensing handle or through the Float Mode with your hands on the load itself. Click here to find out more about the Float Mode function.

Swivel Joint

Liftronic Easy features a swivel joint that allows continuous rotation of the toolhead around the vertical axis. The operator can work continuously without the need to stop and reverse the process to unwind the toolhead.

Cost-effective investment

All the above together with its competitive price makes Liftronic® EASY a really cost-effective investment with very short-term returns.

Standard Grippers

Here is the list of standard end effectors (end-of-arm grippers) that can be applied and easily and quickly interchanged under the Liftronic® Easy gripper tool head.