Reel Lifter

Lifting Reels Made Easy

The lifter can be used across all types of industries and situations where you need to lift and move something on a platform – the opportunities are, therefore, almost endless

The countless combination options make handling reels a complicated task that requires various types of equipment, when lifting, moving and tilting takes place. To overcome the hurdle and ensure that employees are kept safe from physical strain, we have created a number of solutions – ranging from simple to large and more automated.


The Simple and Flexible Solution: Boom and V-Block

In some cases, reels must be mounted above shoulder level, while others have to be mounted below knee height. Similarly, you may work with multiple types of reels. In this case, some reels may need to be attached to a fixed boom (resembling a spear) and others installed by way of a loose boom placed in the core of the reel, and then onto a packaging machine. For this type of task, our “Boom – V-block” is a practical and versatile solution.

For simpler lifting tasks, we can recommend booms and double booms that are available in different sizes and versions. A boom is placed in the core of the reel, which can then be lifted, while a double boom lifts under the reel.

If you need to handle different reels, an adjustable boom is a perfect solution. Here the width between the two booms can be adjusted to suit your various reels.